Wildermart, a clean grocery store, launches today in India on Earth Day. The online grocery store aims to be a truly sustainable model that offers a conscious solution to help everyday consumption be clean, green, and earth friendly. Launched in Bangalore with an offering of over 1000+ products across 30+ categories the brand aims to take this sustainable model to conscious consumers across the country within the next 3 years. The brand launched with Maneka Sanjay Gandhi- Member of the Lok Sabha, Animal Rights Activist, and Environmentalist, making the first purchase on the portal today.


About Wildermart?

Before we became Wildermart, we were a bunch of consumers trying to figure how we could consume more mindfully and sustainably. The options were far & few, and included inconveniencing ourselves all the time. We were waiting for solutions to be given by corporates. And honestly, we got tired of the wait. So we became that solution.

We are designing Wildermart to be a brand we all want to consume from. A brand that cares about what we consume, how we consume, where it comes from, who gets affected in the process. A brand that ensures that what we consume is clean, good for our health, gentle on the environment, kind to the animals and conscious about the people involved in the process of production. In time, you will trust us to offer you only the most consciously produced, processed and delivered products. Begin your journey of mindful consumption with us.

Why choose Wildermart?

The Team

Shweta Thakur Co-founder & CEO

Shweta started out her career as a corporate banker. After a very successful stint in Bombay, she moved to Bangalore to start afresh. She co-founded a creative agency and was the Creative Director for 9 years. She started her clean consumption journey 7 years back. Ever since, she has been discovering ways and means to reduce her footprint, but increase the impact. Wildermart is part of that process for her.

Swaroop Mohan Co-founder

Swaroop has had a very successful career in the corporate events business. After he quit his corporate life, he has been a serial entrepreneur, investing in diverse businesses across industries. Now he is consolidating his portfolio of businesses in the sustainability space. His personal journey of sustainbility has started a few years back. He vows to make Wildermart the most groundbreaking, innovative conscious business there can be.

Nakul M Dev Marketing Manager

Nakul M Dev has had a diverse career spanning sales, customer service and digital marketing. He has taken up the challenge of doing marketing a little differently this time with Wildermart. Everyday, he is trying to figure out how to build business growth without really pushing the consumers to buy anything. He is also a wildlife enthusiast. He spends a lot of his time in the wilderness conserving what he personally can.

Shinoy Thomas Advisor

Shinoy Thomas is the co-founder of Graffiti Collaborative, a full service creative agency. Over the 10 years of the agency experience, he has shown his commitment to create a difference in the world of marketing and communication - to bring some soul into it. He is personally contributing to living a clean life and instilling these values of health and environment into his young baby girl.

Anand Siva Advisor

Anand Siva is an ad-agency industry veteran. With over 25 years of experience in creative, media and data, he brings a ton of value to Wildermart with his data driven customer insights. He has recently started his new venture Nitty Gritti where he delivers last mile sales efficiency through content to brands. He is a staunch vegan and environmentalist who will go miles to inconvenience himself just to ensure that his footprint remains clean.

Ajay Garkal Advisor

Ajay Garkal comes with over 25 years of experience in the PR industry. He is also an expert in organics. Over the last 10 years, he has built a deep network with authentic organic farmers and organisations and his insights help Wildermart to source only authentic products from authentic sources. His enthusiasm and belief in the plant based meat industry is remarkable.

Tony Navin Advisor

Tony Navin has a very successful career of over 15 years in the e-commerce industry. He currently serves the ecommerce Director of Walmart in San Fransisco. He has served in the management of Snapdeal for many years before moving out of India. He brings to Wildermart his knowledge and expertise of creating successful ecommerce businesses which can actually be profitable!

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